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Maggie, nineteen, currently recovering from a relapse in my eating disorder. A lover of peanut butter, sunflowers, and baseball. Follow me on my road to recovery as I discover life beyond my ED.

Anonymous said: Hey! That happens to me a lot--like my head feels hungry but my stomach doesn't necessarily feel like food? It's still a sign your body wants to eat though! It's like if you just drank a lot of water--your still be hungry but your stomach would be full. Maybe you just had a lot of high volume foods today? Don't fret too much and definitely eat because you're hungry! :)

Thank you for this message! Maybe it was from the veggies I had with dinner? Anyways, I did have a snack and my stomach actually doesn’t even feel weird anymore lol 

Anonymous said: Please send love to mymosaicrecovery she's having a bad night and I think she's close to relapse

Will do, thanks for letting me know!

I feel hungry but like my stomach feels like weird, not like I’m full but like there’s food in there?! Idk, just gonna go have a snack but I don’t like this..


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